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Cyclist' Club
Establishment of a cyclist' club in Ramat Eshkol

The Ramat Eshkol Cycling Club is a project established in collaboration with the "Riders to Nature" association and the Faculty of Architecture at the Technion.

A group of male and female students, talented from the faculty, dreamed of a bicycle club in the neighborhood, which will provide a ground for empowerment and instill values ​​of helping others, teamwork, a healthy lifestyle and formation.

They dreamed, designed, repaired, created and built with their own hands the cycling club in the neighborhood.

The club provides a solution for the neighborhood's children, diverse groups of children learn to ride, experience off-road riding, learn to operate and maintain the bike, learn what teamwork is, responsibility for equipment and the complex.

The club also caters to companies and organizations that want to have fun days, peak days for employees and want to give them a different kind of experience.

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