The professional team 

Roni Orenstein, Adv.
Project Manager and Community Relations

Roni is a lawyer by profession with an MBA. She comes from the field of social ventures and businesses. Previously, she managed an entrepreneurial center and an accelerator program for entrepreneurs. 

Roni is responsible for managing the foundation's projects while managing the relationship with business entities and leading companies in the Israeli market. In addition, Roni is responsible for managing the foundation's marketing and new media.

Laliv Sendner

Laliv was in charge of social projects for 12 years at the Yitzhak Rabin Center for Israel Studies, creating and instilling the content matter for commemoration, responsible for design and production at the official ceremony at Rabin Square, at the President's Mansion, at the Knesset, in cities and local councils, in schools and in the business world.

She established the Friends of the Yitzhak Rabin Center and managed the connection with the public at all levels of Israeli society. 

Laliv earned her M.A. in Political Science from Tel Aviv University. She has been director of the Lod Foundation since 2012. 

She is married and the mother of three children. 

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Shani Smadga
Melodica Coordinator 
Shani, born and grew up n the city of Lod, completes a degree in media.
all her adulthood spent in the Scout (tzofim) tribe in the city, and even returned to concentrate it at the end of military service. Since then, most of her roles have been in education, such as guiding debate, concentrating youth in Kibbutz Or Haner in the Gaza Strip.
Shani is the coordinator of Melodica in Lod, responsible for managing the place, initiating the content, and creating a fun and social place for the youth in the city.
Shani comes with a social vision, connection to the youth, and motivation to do.