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Business in the community

 The foundation believes in involving businesses and business organizations in social action.

The business community contributes resources, time, and knowledge on behalf of social action and creating added value.    

  Volunteerism is a means for including people from outside and introducing them to the developing city of Lod, and involving local residents in active social action. 


The foundation proposes involvement in social action in Lod to businesses and companies, in accordance with the social and corporate agenda of the organization, whether by financial contributions, gifts in kind, or employees' volunteering.


We work to maximize the business impact of the social action, and to make it precise.

 You are invited to contact us. We would be pleased to meet you, to hear about your activities and to consider how we can cooperate in the best way possible. 


For details: 

Please call Roni Orenstein, Director of Projects and Community Relations



The foundation is recognized for the purpose of tax deductions in Israel in accordance with clause 46a of the Income Tax Law. Contributions from abroad can be made in a tax-deductible manner.

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 An article  on the "Aryan Lod" basketball project - within the framework of the Rambam School Committee: (Hebrew)
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