The Ludmila Pub

A social pub for young adults

The Ludmila Pub was established to provide a suitable response to the needs of young adults for a place to gather socially. 

Our goal is to create a meeting place and a community, to encourage the young generation in Lod to remain in the city, by having a nice, inviting place to get together socially. That is essentially how we decided to open the social pub - The Ludmila Pub - in Lod.


It's open several days a week. The pub is managed by students and provides a meeting place, holding evening programs, parties, performances, etc. 

הקרן לפיתוח לוד ע"ר 580493856 ת.ד 690 לוד 7110603 | الصندوق لتطوير اللد ج.م ٥٨٠٤٩٣٨٥٦ ص.ب ٦٩٠ اللد  ٧١١٠٦٠٣ | The Lod Foundation A.R. 580493856 PO Box 7110603