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The Music Hall at the Orchestra House

Yitzhak Navon School for Gifted and Talented Music Students 

The school was established for the purpose of absorbing students defined as gifted and talented, excelling in music, from Lod and its satellite communities. This program operates under the Department for Gifted and Excelling Students in the Ministry of Education. 

The students live and breathe music at the school, and the talented students' orchestra is the representative orchestra for the city, and its wonderful ambassador, performing at municipal and national events, and abroad. 

As partners with the School of Music in Lod and with the help of a generous contribution from the Dalia and Eli Hurvitz Foundation, we invested in the physical renovations of the Music Hall, the venue for rehearsals, performances and the life of the school. With the input of professionals, we have turned it into an inviting, pleasant facility, professionally suited for its designated role for studying and learning music.. 

We believe that a suitable physical environment that is innovative and maintained with care has a direct influence on the attitudes of students, teachers and parents, on professionalism and commitment, and on the entire institution. 

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