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Green Urban Renewal

The Green Urban Renewal project has been underway in Lod for seven years. Its purpose is to promote and enrich urban nature in the city, to connect the residents to the environment and to create green lungs by meaningful and beneficial social action. The project has the support of a variety of parties, with many partners, including the Lod Municipality, Matnas Chicago (community center), Keren Kayemet LeIsrael – Jewish National Fund, and education institutions. The project began in an elementary school in the city. The students cultivated an ecological garden by planting spices, fruit trees, and decorative landscaping vegetation. Another garden was established by the children at an after-school childcare facility building raised garden beds and planting them. In the past two years, together with Dar Al Hekma High School's students, we have been planning and encouraging green entrepreneurialism through Growing Together, for the purpose of including the students in planning and managing a social business initiative based on designing open spaces and areas with plants to enrich nature in the city and create a positive atmosphere.

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