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Renovating the Youth Center

The Youth Center in Lod, The Station, is the home for the city's 18- to 35-year-old residents and provides a comprehensive response to young people's needs at all stages in their lives, whether they are soldiers, students, or young parents. The center offers a range of programs and personal consultation services for employment, education, entrepreneurialism, and social involvement. It is the focus of cultural activity, leisure time and enrichment for the young people in the city.

The center was established in the beginning of 2014 as a social initiative by a resident of the city who came there as a student. Since then, he has continued to deal with mapping the needs of the young people in the city, developing first responses, and reaching a range of the young populations residing in Lod. Since then, it has turned into a municipal entity that provides diverse responses to the needs of Lod's young people.

Following the request of the center, the Lod Foundation renovated and updated the upper floor of the Youth Center and turned it into a nice and inviting place for the city's residents and provided them a place with high standards for learning, action, leisure time, and hanging out.

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