The mobile library

The mobile library we envisioned and brought to Lod encourages the joy of reading for adults, children and teenagers. This is a multilingual, mobile library with thousands of books in Hebrew, Arabic, and English for all ages. The mobile library also offers a wide variety of culture workshops, children's plays, and story hours. Every day, the library "docks" in a different neighborhood in the city, bringing the message of a culture of reading with it.

You are invited to follow its program [in Hebrew] on the Matnas Chicago Apple Facebook page: 

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הקרן לפיתוח לוד ע"ר 580493856 ת.ד 690 לוד 7110603 | الصندوق لتطوير اللد ج.م ٥٨٠٤٩٣٨٥٦ ص.ب ٦٩٠ اللد  ٧١١٠٦٠٣ | The Lod Foundation A.R. 580493856 PO Box 7110603