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The agricultural farm

The agricultural farm, Talmei Achva, is as its name in Hebrew suggests, is an educational and community center combining agricultural, environmental, and social education, with an emphasis on interrelationships between mankind and his natural and human environment. The farm has engraved acceptance of the other on its flag, while addressing the multiculturalism characterizing Lod. The vision of the farm calls for action on behalf of peace and camaraderie between the different population groups on behalf of the environment as a whole. Accordingly, the schools that participate in the farm's programming are characterized by national and religious multiculturalism, reflecting the city of Lod and its mosaic of human diversity. 

The Lod Foundation is a strategic partner in the development of the agricultural farm. To date, the Lod Foundation's role has resulted in the establishment of an ecological kitchen where students cook and prepare healthy food from the farm's produce, as well as a nature classroom, a blooming orchard, and a green wall.

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