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Sponsorships for municipal events

Promoting municipal culture and leisure time events for all of Lod's communities

The Lod Foundation works together with the municipal Department of Culture and is a partner in initiating and producing a range of cultural events throughout the city, for the purpose of strengthening the city's image in the eyes of its residents and making it attractive to new, young populations. 

The culture events held in the city include programs related to highlights of the annual cycle for different sectors and religious groups in the city, as well as events for the enrichment of the quality of residents' leisure time. In the past three years, the Lod Foundation has been a partner in promoting events which have become a city tradition, including: the Lod Race, the Purim Adiliyada, and the Social Film Festival. Other events supported by the foundation have been the opera for Lod's children with translations into Arabic and Hebrew, the Jerusalem Day March, summer events, youth events, etc. 

For updates on culture events in Lod, follow the municipal Facebook page for culture and leisure time [in Hebrew]:

Official video clip of the Lod Race, 2018 [in Hebrew]:

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